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Hello! We are Ellie and Sam.

A creative design husband and wife team, we like to make things! Our design studio has had a few names and incarnations (as well as homes) since we started our creative practice together in 2004. We met when we were younger in 1998, and enjoy worked together and evolving ideas into reality.

All our skateboard jewellery is handcrafted by Sam Messina. He cuts, sand and finishes each piece by hand; making them truly handcrafted works of art. Lots of messy work - think rainbow sawdust - but he loves it!

We live in the forest in Northern NSW, Australia, and are currently building our studio and recycled wooden home. We work around life with our two creative children, and aim to live a simple and thoughtful life amongst the birds and trees. We really are most happy when at day's end we can wash off the sawdust and listen to the birds come home for the night, and watch the wallabies from our little verandah.

Ellie's personal blog - petalplum

Email - deadwoodcreative@gmail.com

Instagram - @petalplum and @deadwoodcreative